Unlikely Beginnings

Movies often depict developers as tech geniuses capable of solving complex problems in seconds. Growing up, I thought creating software was an unattainable dream, as developers around me were few and educational resources scarce. My background, was rooted in entrepreneurship. For a while my family owned small businesses including like diners and gas stations. At some point my parents took a significant leap of faith by starting a 3D software company aimed at the motion graphics industry, specializing in 3D titles and logos.

When I went to college to play sports, I had to choose a major. Computer Science seemed a natural fit given my family background. Despite not knowing how to write a single line of code, my aptitude for math helped me navigate the initial challenges of understanding software algorithms.

Cutting My Teeth In Computing

Graduating with a degree in Computer Science, I joined my parents' 3D software company. This experience provided a practical foundation in software development and a deep understanding of the business side of technology. Working in a family-run business, I gained valuable insights into the interplay between software creation and entrepreneurial strategy.

After some time, I transitioned to a developer and product manager role at large marketplace and POS companies. These positions allowed me to expand my technical skills and gain a broader perspective on product development and market needs. I learned to manage large-scale projects, work with cross-functional teams, and understand user requirements.

My First Foray into Founderhood

Around 2019, I felt a strong desire to create something of my own. Being a vegan, I envisioned a vegan meal planner that could help people adopt a healthier lifestyle. However, the thought of managing servers and the possibility of waking up at 4 AM to fix issues deterred me. I wanted to build a product without the associated technical nightmares. This led to the creation of PlantPlanner.io, a vegan meal planning service that leveraged modern, serverless architecture to ensure reliability and scalability without constant oversight.

Building Plant Planner was a transformative experience. It wasn't just about creating a product but also about solving real problems and making a difference in people's lives. The success of Plant Planner gave me the confidence to venture further into entrepreneurship.

Catching The Entrepreneurial Bug

Following the success of Plant Planner, I realized that many entrepreneurs had great ideas but lacked the technical expertise to bring them to life. I started offering my development services to other entrepreneurs, helping them build custom software solutions tailored to their unique needs. This initiative gradually evolved into a full-fledged business.

Fast forward to today, I run letsbuildmyapp.com, an agency with a team of five full-stack developers. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs of all sizes turn their ideas into reality. Whether it's a small startup with a groundbreaking idea or a large company looking to innovate, we provide the technical expertise and support needed to develop robust, scalable software solutions.

Challenges and Rewards

The journey from developer to entrepreneur has been filled with challenges and rewards. One of the biggest challenges has been balancing the technical and business aspects of running a company. As a developer, my instinct is to focus on code and technical details. However, as an entrepreneur, I need to consider broader business strategies, market trends, and customer satisfaction.

Building a team has also been a learning curve. Finding the right talent, fostering a collaborative environment, and ensuring that everyone is aligned with the company's vision requires continuous effort and adaptability. However, seeing our team grow and succeed together has been immensely rewarding.

Another significant challenge has been staying ahead of technological advancements. The tech industry evolves rapidly, and keeping up with new tools, frameworks, and methodologies is crucial. This requires a commitment to continuous learning and improvement, both personally and for the team.

Looking Ahead

Reflecting on my journey, I realize that each step, from working in my parents' company to transitioning to big corporations and eventually starting my own business, has been instrumental in shaping my path. The blend of technical skills, business acumen, and entrepreneurial spirit has enabled me to create meaningful solutions and help other entrepreneurs succeed.

As I look to the future, my goal is to continue growing letsbuildmyapp.com, expanding our services, and helping more entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. I am passionate about mentoring the next generation of developers and entrepreneurs, sharing my experiences, and inspiring them to pursue their dreams.

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