Exploring how Creme Digital powered one of the biggest content creators on Youtube

About Airrack - Eric Decker

Eric Decker, also known as “Airrack,” is one of Youtube’s fastest-growing personalities. After launching his channel in 2015, he gained 14 million subscribers. He is known for his unique and engaging videos and is on a mission to become the largest creator ever on the platform. Illustrated in his bio, Airrack is “just a kid with a dream” and living proof that anyone can accomplish anything. Despite achieving unprecedented growth on Youtube and becoming one of the biggest names in the creator community, Airrack had a bigger vision to spread his passion with like-minded individuals.

How it Happened… In Two Weeks

After receiving a message from Airrack’s manager in 2021, we were tasked with bringing his vision to life. They wanted us to build a web app that could unite the creator community and accelerate those looking to grow. However, there was only one problem: he wanted it to be built in two weeks. Luckily for him, we help companies move 10x faster, and this is just the type of challenge we love to achieve. After countless hours of designing, prototyping, and iterating, Creator Now was born.

The Product: Creator Now

Creator Now is a cohort-based creator accelerator. The app is built to guide, educate, and motivate like-minded creators to grow in their online communities. This platform has become the proven way to get started, build creative skills, and grow faster on YouTube. Creator Now partners with the top creators in the world to produce world-class learning experiences to make you grow faster. Referred to as the strongest community of creators on the internet, Creator Now is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the space. Some of the notable features of this product include:

Dashboard: the main dashboard allows creators to get a full view of their upcoming challenges, their stats, and their team. Users have the power to create content that drives coins, badges, and recognition all from one central dashboard.

Leaderboard & Stats: gamification and recognition are central to the Creator Now platform. The leaderboard shows a high level view of the creators stats to encourage them to make great content and grow their channels fast.

Weekly challenges: weekly challenges push content creators to create great content with the potential to go viral. Users are given a task and limited timeline to create different captivating videos each week, allowing them to grow and learn each week.

The Creator Now product, built with no-code, is an engaging platform with impressive features and a unique design.


Since launching their product, Creator Now has established itself in niche communities in over 50 countries. It hosts some of the world's biggest creators and continues to build up new creators. Creator Now went on to raise a venture round of funding and is thriving with a growing team and community. All thanks to the power of no-code.

Bring Your Vision to Life

No-code development empowered the vision for one of Youtube’s fastest-growing creators. With the transformative speed of Creme Digital, we were able to help build and design this amazing platform in just two weeks. Regardless of the size of your business, or the vision you’re looking to create, we can help you make it happen. We support companies of any size, with any product idea. Whether you’re looking to build a marketplace, app, internal tool, MVP, or any other product, we want to help.

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