Many business owners believe that hiring a singular Bubble developer is a more budget-friendly approach to executing their Bubble projects in contrast to hiring an entire team or hiring a web design agency.

However, certain instances have proven over time that the decision to hire a no-code developer can be more detrimental than beneficial when compared to opting for a well-experienced agency.

In this article, we’ll highlight some of these instances where choosing a agency aligns with cost-effectiveness and streamlined business processes, trumping the alternative of hiring a lone Bubble developer.
Before we delve into these crucial scenarios, let's first address the foundational question: What is


Building an app in the past whether for the web or for mobile had two common approaches

  • You could learn how to code yourself.
  • Or you could hire a team of coders.

Learning to code was hard for people who weren't tech-savvy, and hiring coders could be expensive. But now, has changed things.

Bubble helps founders who don't know how to code turn their ideas into apps. It presents itself as a one-stop solution for creating applications without needing to become a coding expert.

How Does Help You Build No-Code Apps?

Bubble is essentially a no-code tool that lets you create software and apps visually, using drag-and-drop images and graphical elements to build the computer logic.

It is a new way to build your computer programs or apps without traditional text-based code writing. Bubble is gaining a lot of attention as it is especially good for building responsive web and mobile apps such as SaaS tools and ERP systems with complex features and dynamic databases.

How Does The Platform Work?

The Bubble visual editor, which is the heart of creating your app on, doesn't require traditional coding. Instead, it uses a simple point-and-click approach with three main parts:

The Design Component:

This helps you make good-looking user interfaces by dragging and dropping elements onto your pages.

The Database Component:

You can build a customized database structure that fits your needs.

The Workflow Component:

This is about setting up what your app should do when certain events happen or actions are taken within the app. For example, when a user clicks a button, you can tell the app to save input data and take them to the checkout page.

You can also check how your app works at any time and you can make it live on your custom domain for your target audience to use. Behind the scenes, turns your visual editor work into the code that browsers understand (HTML and Javascript). So, even though Bubble is called "no-code," there's still some code happening in the background, but you don't have to write this code yourself.

Why Do Business Owners Hire A Bubble Developer Instead of An Agency?

They Are Seeking To Save Costs

Many business owners think that hiring a developer will cost less than hiring a full-time web design agency.

They Are Seeking More Control

When you hire developers, you have a strong influence on the project's development process.

You're closely connected to the development and can even choose the features and functions you want for your website or app.

They Seek Flexibility In The Development Process

Business owners believe that hiring a developer offers more flexibility.

This means they can work with someone who can quickly adapt to changes in their project. They think that agencies might take longer to add new features or make changes to the project because agencies follow standard procedures.

Want to find out if you need a Bubble agency or a Bubble developer for your project? Reach out to Nerdheadz to secure one of their three available weekly slots for a free 30-minute project roadmap consultation.

What Drawbacks Can Exist When You Hire A Bubble Developer Instead Of A Bubble Agency?

Hiring a developer may seem like a cost-effective choice for your Bubble project, but it can have some downsides that might impact your project's success.

Here are some disadvantages reported by Bubble clients:

Limited Skillset:

A Bubble developer often excels in one aspect of development but most usually lacks expertise in other areas like UX/UI design, project management, and market strategies. In contrast, a Bubble agency, such as Nerdheadz, often has a diverse team with various skills that contribute to your project more comprehensively.

Scalability Challenges:

If your Bubble project grows or needs more features, a single developer might struggle to handle the increased workload. A Bubble agency can better manage scalability by assigning resources and team members to tasks as needed.

Limited Availability:

A solo Bubble developer may have limited availability for communication and updates, especially if they are freelancing and juggling multiple projects. Agencies like Nerdheadz often offer dedicated points of contact and structured communication channels.

Technical Dependency:

Bubble agencies often have structured processes and documentation, making transitions from one agency, database or tool stack to another smoother. Relying solely on a single Bubble developer can create dependency and make it hard to transfer your project if needed.

A Developer Is A Single Point of Failure:

For ongoing projects, relying on one developer can be risky if they become unavailable due to illness or emergencies. A Bubble agency offers a safety net with multiple team members who can step in and ensure that your Bubble project continues.

Narrow Perspective:

A single Bubble developer may have limited experience, potentially missing out on innovative ideas or opportunities to suggest innovative solutions. Agencies like Nerdheadz have team members who collaborate to brainstorm and implement creative solutions.

Comprehensive Support:

A Bubble developer often provides limited post-development support, while most bubble agencies offer ongoing maintenance, updates, and technical assistance for the long-term health of your no-code application.

Quality Control:

With a single developer, quality control may be less rigorous. Agencies like Nerdheadz have dedicated QA engineers who work with developers to fix bugs before a product's launch, ensuring higher quality.
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When Should You Hire A Bubble Developer For Your No-Code Project?

Despite the drawbacks mentioned earlier, there are situations where hiring a Bubble developer can be the right move for your business.
These instances include:

1. Small Projects:

For small-scale projects with minimal development needs, like creating a simple no-code landing page, hiring a Bubble developer can be a cost-effective and speedy choice.

2. Seeking Specific Expertise:

If your project requires a specialized skill set that a particular Bubble developer has, it makes sense to hire that individual for their expertise.

3. You Need Quick Solutions:

When you require a speedy solution or a basic prototype, a freelance Bubble developer can deliver quickly without the complexities of working with a full agency.

4. Limited Budget for a Small Project:

If you're on a tight budget and your project is small and straightforward, hiring a freelance Bubble developer might be more affordable than engaging an agency.

Want to find out if you need a Bubble agency or a Bubble developer for your project? Reach out to Nerdheadz to secure one of their three available weekly slots for a free 30-minute project roadmap consultation.

When Should You Hire A Agency Like Nerdheadz For Your No-Code Project?

Here are situations where it makes sense to choose a Bubble agency like Nerdheadz instead of a solo Bubble developer:

1. Complex Projects With Diverse Skill Needs:

For larger, complex projects like online marketplaces, SaaS tools, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or CRM systems that involve intricate development, user experience design, project managers and strategic planning, a Bubble agency is better equipped to handle the depth and complexity of these projects.

2. Full-Service Requirements:

If you need assistance beyond development, such as UI/UX design, product strategy, project management, and ongoing app support, Bubble agencies like Nerdheadz often provide comprehensive packages.

3. Long-Term Collaboration:

For projects requiring ongoing maintenance, software updates, and continuous feature improvements, especially in cases like iterative development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). A Bubble agency can offer sustained collaboration and support.

4. Scalability:

If your project starts small but has the potential to grow, a Bubble agency can provide the necessary resources and scalability measures to accommodate expansion.

5. Projects With Complex Integrations:

When your Bubble application needs to integrate with external systems using APIs or services like AI integration. A Bubble agency like Nerdheadz has the expertise to handle these complexities. A single Bubble developer may lack the knowledge needed for such intricate integrations.

6. Regulatory Compliance:

If your project must adhere to specific industry regulations, such as data privacy standards and compliance requirements,
A Bubble agency has the manpower and the experience to ensure compliance across the board.

Why Do We Recommend A Agency like Nerdheadz?

To address the common challenges faced by businesses and business owners when hiring Bubble agencies, such as budget constraints, the need for flexibility in app development, and the desire for more control,
Nerdheadz offers the marketplace three solutions:

1. An Hourly Payment Model:

Under this model, Nerdheadz charges you based on the hours spent on your project.
This approach is suitable when your project's scope isn't fully defined, or when you anticipate changes and improvements during development.
Nerdheadz uses this model because it provides flexibility and requires effective communication and cost tracking to ensure your project stays within budget.

2. An Agile Development Process:

This method complements the hourly rate model used by Nerdheadz.
Nerdheadz follows the agile methodology, allowing for continuous iterations and enabling you, as the app owner, to contribute to and shape your app during the design and development stages.

3. Faster Time to Market:

By combining agile methodology, flexible payment practices, and Nerdheadz's approach, you can quickly create Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) with essential features, even on a limited budget.
This enables you to test your concepts and startup ideas in real markets with real customers.

Additionally, you can make improvements to the app based on user feedback and reviews, ensuring it meets your users' needs effectively.
Want to find out if you need a Bubble agency or a developer for your project?
Reach out to Nerdheadz to secure one of their three available weekly slots for a free 30-minute project roadmap consultation.


When deciding between hiring a Bubble developer or a Bubble agency, it's important to consider your project's specific needs and goals.
For small and straightforward projects, it can make sense to work with a Bubble developer. However, for more complex, long-term, or multifaceted projects, a Bubble agency's extensive skills and resources are often beneficial.

Your decision may also depend on your project's vision and growth potential.
It's usually a good idea to start small but keep scalability in mind. Planning for future expansion right from the start is often easier and more cost-effective with a Bubble agency than hiring a Bubble developer for a small project and then trying to adapt it for growth later on.


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